About Sabrina Richardson Thompson

I started my Largo, Maryland, law firm, The Law Office of Sabrina Richardson Thompson, after spending several years as a public defender dedicated to protecting the rights of people facing uncertain futures.

Many of those clients were noncitizens, meaning they would likely also be dealing with immigration consequences if they were convicted. Having taken hundreds of cases to trial, I use that experience to serve clients throughout Prince George's County who may not realize that a guilty plea to avoid jail may mean they will face removal proceedings.

A Lawyer Who Understands What You Are Going Through

Both of my parents are foreign-born. While I was born in the United States, I remember, as a young girl, the joy my family felt when my mother became a naturalized U.S. citizen. I have since witnessed many family members experience the advantages that U.S. citizenship can offer.

I also understand how quickly you can find yourself outside the U.S. or living in the shadows if an arrest threatens your immigration status. You need an attorney by your side who understands how to resolve your immigration and criminal defense needs.

As my client, you will benefit from working directly with me. I will sit down with you and explain in the clearest terms possible what your options are and the possible outcomes of your choices. Whether it is resolving a traffic violation like driving without a license, fighting felony or misdemeanor charges or ensuring that you stay current on your visa, I can help.

To learn more about me and my career experiences, please click on the link below.

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Work with an attorney dedicated to protecting your rights and your ability to face the future with confidence. If you are dealing with any type of criminal defense or immigration issue, please contact my office in Largo, Maryland, today by calling 301-358-6412 or filling out an online contact form. I offer translation services and accept credit cards.